Rimvydas Krasauskas

Associate Professor, Ph.D.

Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics
Vilnius University
Naugarduko g. 24, LT-03225
Vilnius, Lithuania
Tel: +370-5-2193090
Fax: +370-5-2151585

Curriculum Vitae

Research interests

Applications of algebraic and differential geometry to surface modeling,
computer aided geometric design, computer graphics.

Selected publications

  1. R. Krasauskas, Unifying Theory of Pythagorean-Normal Surfaces Based on Geometric Algebra, Advances in Applied Clifford Algebras 27, (2017) 491-502.
  2. R. Krasauskas, Rational patches on Darboux and isotropic cyclides and their modeling applications - Part I, BIRS Workshop "Computational Algebra and Geometric Modeling", Oaxaca, Mexico, 2016, August 7-12. [video]
  3. S. Zube, R. Krasauskas, Representation of Dupin cyclides using quaternions, Graphical Models 82, (2015) 110-122.
  4. M. Skopenkov, R. Krasauskas, Surfaces containing two circles through each point and Pythagorean 6-tuples [arXiv]
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  7. V. Karpavicius, R. Krasauskas, Real-time visualization of Moebius transformations in space using Quaternionic-Bezier approach, in: 21-st International Conference on Computer Graphics, Visualization and Computer Vision (WSCG), Communication Papers Proceedings, 2013, pp. 259-266. [pdf file]
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